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As I was reading the four Gospels, it intrigued me that one of them had some additional information that enhanced the understanding of the life and ministry of Yeshua. So, in order to get a full picture of what happened you had to flip back and forth through each Gospel. Not only that, but the Gospels were just letters and somehow adding chapter and verse it destroyed the excitement of the first century account. Therefore, I have produced a book which puts all four Gospels into one continuous story without chapter and verse and combining all words from all four Gospels. I entitled it "Yeshua haNotzri Melech haYehudim," as the inscription placed by Pilatos above His Roman execution cross.

It is not meant to be a substitute for the study of the Gospels but an additional tool in understanding the ministry of Yeshua in its Jewish context which it turns out to be only a little over one year. As such, this format, could be a blessing for someone who never read the Gospels and it is new to the faith.  

Below you can see the first few pages from the book. If you would like to purchase it for the nominal fee of $9.99 which covers the printing and shipping, please click the PayPal button.

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