Shabbat Iyar 5


April 17, 2021: Parashah Tazria "Conceives" and Metzora "Infected One"
Torah: (Vayikra) Leviticus 12:1 — 13:58 & 14:1 — 15:33
Halftarah: 2 Kings 7:3-20

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  • March 17, 1992 - Attack on the Israeli Embassy in Argentina

    29 civilians were killed in the attack and 242 additional civilians were injured. Today, we remember the victims of the terror attack carried out by Hezbollah at the Israeli Embassy.

  • March 3 - Offshore Oil Spill

    Last week, an offshore oil spill deposited tons of tar along Israel’s Mediterranean coast in one of the country’s worst ecological disasters.
    In response, thousands of IDF soldiers stepped up to the plate and joined with the Nature Parks Authority to assist in the cleanup effort and help rescue wildlife.
    Israeli soldiers don’t just protect the Jewish state’s borders, but they keep the environment safe as well.

  • February 10 - Israel’s “miracle drug” produced remarkable results fighting COVID-19

    A new Israeli coronavirus medicine called EXO-CD24 was administered to 30 patients with moderate or worse coronavirus conditions. All 30 recovered, with 29 of the patients recovering in three to five days.
    According to Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Medical Center, the results represent a “huge breakthrough.” The medicine is administered via an inhaler and it is in phase one trial.

  • January 13 - Iran is building its nuclear stockpile

    Iran has been ramping up its nuclear program and has stepped up uranium enrichment to 20%, which is 90% of the way to bomb material.
    The regime passed a decision in their parliament to destroy Israel. It has also been threatening to bar International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors.
    Iran’s actions make it clear that their intention is to produce nuclear weapons.
    The International community must maintain sanctions until the regime changes course and ceases to advance its nuclear weapons program.

  • December 29 - Jonathan Pollard lands in Israel

    Jonathan Pollard, an American jailed in the US in 1985 for spying for Israel, lands in the Jewish state, where he is received by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Pollard, 66, served 30 years in prison for giving away classified US documents, and had been confined by parole terms to the US since his release in 2015, despite Israeli pressure to allow him to leave. The US Justice Department removed the terms and conditions last month

  • December 23 - Israel's government collapses, forcing fourth election in two years

    Israelis will head to the polls for the fourth time in two years in March after the country's parliament was unable to pass an annual budget by Wednesday night's deadline.

Video of the week: Israel's Independence Day - Thursday, April 15

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