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The belief in the coming of a Savior, a Messianic figure, was strictly Jewish because they were the only ones who received this revelation from God and they were the ones chosen to communicate this to mankind through the Kitev haKodesh, the Holy Writings. Unfortunately, after the coming of Yeshua, who was proven with signs and wonders to be the awaited Messiah, the majority of the Jewish leaders did not believe in Him, on the contrary, they condemned Him to death, and yet, the belief in Yeshua was still part of the Jewish religion. After the Temple's destruction in 70 CE, Jewish leaders declared Bar Kokhbah to be the Messiah. When the followers of Yeshua did not participate in Bar Kokhbah's revolt against the Romans, a rift occurred between the believers in Yeshua and the Jewish community, and this rift exists still today. But things are changing. More and more Jewish people are restoring the Jewishness of the belief in Yeshua. This publication is but a small part in achieving this goal. It puts forth the life of Yeshua as presented by all four gospel writers into one continuous account incorporating many Tanakh references.

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